DLF Promenade’s annual property and social awareness initiative was organised from 8th March to 10th March 2013. The mandate given to We MediaWorks was clear that this year the message of the Carnival should be loud and clear.

In the recent wake of incidents in New Delhi, it has become very important for everybody to be aware of the surrounding and take care of themselves. Keeping this in mind, We MediaWorks created a three day affair which covered sessions from “Self Defence Classes” to the “Kitchen Safety Tips”. The fire safety training and equipment exhibition became a big hit with the shoppers in the mall. There were quizzes and theatre to deliver the messaging across the masses and gifts were distributed as well. Children were made to identify the general safety equipment and processes to be followed in case any disaster strike.

We MediaWorks also came up with the tagline and theme of this year as – “Safety In My Hand” and an appropriate logo was designed and used based on propagated philosophy.

The carnival also saw intense discussion between the Emcee and the attendees on the various safety and awareness related topics of the carnival.



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